Like any major release with a pedigree director and a budget larger than the GDP of many countries, the release of Avatar has seen the internet catch afire with dialog and debate about the film's merit or lack of merit. Articles dissecting the making of the film and its potential impact have been sprouting up here, there and everywhere. Message board wars have already claimed the metaphorical lives of countless nerds and geeks.

Do you want to get a taste of the recent surge of Avatar news without having to wade through the vast labyrinth of the internet? Look no further; here are some select articles and columns, ranging from insightful and fascinating to absolutely head-scratching.

First up is a conversation from Overthinking It where a question that has been popping up a great deal over the past week is entertained: Is it possible that Avatar may be this generation's Star Wars? The immediate comparison is that they're both big, bold science fiction fantasies that make up for weak writing with pace and bravura filmmaking. Of course, it may be a little early to make such judgments, but check out the debate yourself so you can argue loudly in coffee shops with your friends at a later date.
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