I regularly complain that there are way too many zombie movies out there, not because I don't love a good flick about the walking dead (because believe me, I do), but because so many of them are derivative of the best films in the subgenre that can't be bothered to even try to bring anything new to the table. I don't need every zombie film made to reinvent the wheel, but I do appreciate when a filmmaker and screenwriter take the time to try to add some subtle new wrinkle to the undead universe.

When I caught this new trailer and brief synopsis for Irish filmmaker Bing Bailey's Portrait of a Zombie, (thanks to our friends over at Twitch) I immediately knew it was something I had to pass along to the masses. It's a nice example of what I was just talking about--adding new elements to the kind of zombie films we all know and love.

Bailey, who wrote, directed, produced, and edited this film, is set to bring us his own low-budget take on the zombie apocalypse. Read on for a brief plot synopsis.

"Zombies roam the streets of Dublin. An American Documentary crew come to Ireland to make a documentary about the Murphy Family, whose eldest son Billy has turned, but the family still choose to care for him, much to the chagrin of the neighbors and the local crime boss. The Documentary crew soon become enthralled in the proceedings as Billy's story unfolds...."

Sounds kind of like Day of the Deador even Survival of the Dead (the whole trying to "keep" zombies angle) mixed with Behind the Mask'sfaux documentary aspects merged with your standard zombie gore. Nothing too complicated, there, but just different enough to pique my interest.

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