As you all know, we lost Brittany Murphy yesterday at the all-too-young age of 32.

She was never my favorite actress, nor my least favorite. There were roles that I loved, and roles that I loathed. But her presence in Hollywood was always a joy, mainly because I matured with Murphy, born the same year as myself. She didn't start in the biz until 1991 with her first role in Murphy Brown, so I didn't grow up with her, but she was one of the few who charmed me in my high school youth and never faded away.

Perhaps I spotted her appearances on Kids Incorporated or Parker Lewis Can't Lose. Or, while I never followed Drexell's Class, maybe I saw a peek of her as Brenda Drexell. But in my memories, she has always been Molly Morgan of 1993's Almost Home -- the very short-lived Torkelsons spin-off. Murphy was spunky and charming, and had a flair that you don't usually find in Hollywood. It wasn't the one-off "quirk girl" success that found the likes of Mary Sue Torkelson and Blossom. Her uniqueness lasted, and in fact, grew once she hit the big screen with Cluelessin 1995.
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