Described as "part Indiana Jones, part Da Vinci Code, and part Ghost", exclusive sources at Pajiba report that Hawkman will be the next DC Comics character to get the big screen treatment from Warner Brothers. With Green Lantern shooting in 2010, are we starting to see Warners lay down the groundwork for an eventual Justice League film?

Hawkman has suffered a convoluted, continuity-heavy history, filled with numerous character revisions (revisions that have even contradicted themselves, leading to storylines like Zero Hour, where DC Comics had to wipe their history clean in order to make the character work). In his original incarnation, Hawkman was Carter Hall, a reincarnated Egyptian prince who worked as an archeologist and discovered a gravity-defying element that he used to fashion himself a set of wings. Later stories re-imagined Hawkman as a winged alien policeman from the planet Thanagar. Over the years he's been a "Hawkgod" and an angel, but the character got a high-profile reboot in the last decade, combining the Carter Hall alter-ego with selective elements of his Thanagarian sci-fi backstory.

Needless to say, this is a character who has been through so many incarnations that a screenwriter would have a lot of wiggle room in how close they stick to the "official" comic book version. Hawkman will be appearing in a Smallville TV movie this February (pictured above, as played by Michael Shanks), but it actually doesn't mark the character's live-action debut.

You can see Hawkman in the embarrassing 1970's Legends of the Superheroes roast (a truly hideous must-see) after the jump.

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