With the critical verdict on Nimrod Antal's Armored being about as favorable as you could hope for, things are looking brighter all the time for Antal's directorial involvement on the Robert Rodriguez-produced Predators. The cast on Predators was already looking pretty damn solid: Adrian Brody, Danny Trejo and Topher Grace. Now, you can add Laurence Fishburne to the list.

Dispatched from a visit to the Predators set in Austin, JoBlo.com broke the news of Fishburne's spot in the cast, as well as a little bit on his character. Noland, unlike most of his comrades, is not new to the Predator-hunting game, in fact, he's something of a seasoned veteran. From Othello to Morpheus to "Whitey" Powers, Fishburne has honed that badass on-screen persona, so I definitely buy the guy as someone who has seen a few scuffles with a Predator over the years.

As far as hearsay goes on the project, according to Ain't It Cool News, everyone has been pretty bowled over by what Rodriguez and Co. have cooked up on the Predators set. With a July 7, 2010 release date and the film nearing the end of production, you have to figure we can't be too far off from a teaser of some sort.
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