Before you watch the video embedded in this post, I must warn you that you'll most definitely get your cry on. So if you're surrounded by people and don't really want them to see you wiping away tears and sniffling up a storm, you might want to wait until you have some alone time before diving in. Directed and edited by Eliot Rausch, Last Minutes with Oden is a short documentary about a guy who's saying goodbye to his best friend Oden -- a dog that helped bring more love into his life than he could ever possibly imagine.

Throughout the six-minute doc we learn little bits and pieces about Jason Wood, whose dog Oden is sick and needs to be put down. We know Jason spent some time in prison and has been around drugs for a good portion of his life. We also know that Oden came into the picture at a time when Jason really needed to feel a connection, be it spiritually or emotionally, and now we're following the two as one journey ends and another begins. There's something incredibly powerful and personal about this tiny slice of life, and I'm sure pet owners will connect with it immediately. I also find it somewhat fitting to watch this as the holidays approach, possibly as something that will help you tap into the importance of family and friendships in all our lives.

So, yeah, this one is gonna hurt a little. But it's pretty damn beautiful, and I'm sure everyone will take away something different after watching it. Check out Last Minutes with Oden after the jump.