There are holiday movies -- White Christmas, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer,Love Actually. There are unconventional holiday movies like Die Hard, Lethal Weapon, and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang that true film fans dust off and play right alongside Bing Crosby. And then there are the movies that have absolutely nothing to do with the holiday season, but have powerful memories of the holly and the ivy. This is where you can tell me (and the world of Cinematical readers) just what they are.

Confused? Well, I'll give you mine. The biggest one for me is The Lord of The Rings series. It has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas, but if you can think back to the early years of the '00s, December was when the deluge of advertising began. They all had release dates of the third weekend in December, and the thrill just carried on through into New Year's no matter what else hit theaters.

On a personal level, they were wrapped up within my college office's holiday party which I distinctly remember wrapped a little early in 2003 so I could go home and make my pre-booked The Return of the King ticket. They probably also quit early because I was running a hideously high fever, but was determined to still see the movie. (The result was that I have no memory of that first showing, except my hysterical sobbing by the end.) I also remember that Lord of the Rings gifts were a constant thing under the tree following 2001. If no one knew what to get me, they could buy me a hobbit or Aragorn poster and I'd be happy.

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