With Avatar being out, it's not surprising people are comparing it to James Cameron's earlier works. I don't think of Titanic, a movie that nearly put me to sleep, I think of The Abyss, with a simple story, interesting characters, and Ed Harris in arguably one of his best roles ever.

So I realized that I don't have The Abyss on Blu-ray, which made me want to buy it immediately. But not only is my movie library lacking The Abyss on Blu-ray, so is everyone else's. It's been a title I keep meaning to add to my DVD library, but after looking at the formats and the DVD forums, I'm kinda glad I haven't invested in the DVD. But I really want it on Blu-ray.

Why? Trying to figure out how many editions out there quickly turned a quick search into a quagmire. It does seem to be available in widescreen DVD, but not anamorphic, which means the images are distorted, and use letterboxing (where parts of the screen are black because the image is smaller than the screen). Apparently rumors had it coming out on Blu-ray in late 2007/early 2008, but that clearly hasn't happened. Bluray.com rumors say 2010.

One would think 20 years after the initial release, and the advent of Blu-ray, and James Cameron being so high profile with the release of his latest film, there would be news of The Abyss coming out in a format that would showcase the incredible underwater cinematography. Honestly, I'd rather see The Abyss again than Avatar.
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