By Mike Bracken

I grew up in the Pittsburgh area and still have family there. I truthfully believe that one of the reasons I'm the horror nerd that I am is because I was raised there. I have fond memories of shopping at Monroeville Square Mall back in the Dawn of the Dead days and the city has never shied away from its ties to horror cinema (embodied primarily through guys like Romero and Tom Savini).

So, it brings great joy to my black heart when I see stories like this one in yesterday's Pittsburgh Post Gazette.

The gist of the story revolves around UPMC's plan to close a hospital in Braddock, Pennsylvania. This didn't sit well with Braddock residents, but rather than voice their displeasure through the usual (boring) channels, filmmaker Tony Buba (who worked on Romero's Night and Dawn of the Dead) gathered up a dozen or so protesters, dressed them up in elaborate zombie make-up, and set them off marching for the UPMC headquarters in downtown Pittsburgh.

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