There is no shortage of sex in the movies, but sometimes it does feel like there is a shortage of sexy. Over at Entertainment Weekly they have compiled the list of what they claim are the 25 sexiest movies of All-Time, and while I agree with most of their picks, I do think in a few cases they have managed to confuse love with sex (but haven't we all?). The list covers everything from full on sex flicks like 9 1/2 Weeks to more subtle fare like Martin Scorsese's The Age of Innocence. So first let's take a look at the films that earned a spot on EW's hall of fame, and then we'll get to five movies that get my pulse racing.

The top five is pretty much what you would expect: you've got the baseball comedy Bull Durham in the number five spot, followed by the 80's noir classic Body Heat, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, Hawk's screwball masterpiece His Girl Friday, and in the number one spot is Soderbergh's Out of Sight. It's a pretty comprehensive list overall, and even a few foreign language selections made the cut, but I know better than anybody else that sometimes there isn't room for all the movies you would like on a list, so that's why I decided to add a few suggestions of my own.

After the jump: five suggestions for the sexiest movies of all time...
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