You know at some point this week you're gonna sit down and watch A Christmas Story, and you know you're gonna get to the part where Ralphie walks down the stairs in that silly pink bunny costume and, though you'll chuckle like you do every year, there will definitely be a part of you that desperately wants to don a pair of ridiculous pink bunny pajamas just because you like to experience new things ... and because you're really that cheesy (we won't tell anyone -- promise!).

For those who don't want to piece together Ralphie's bunny costume by hand, you can hop on over to the official Christmas Story House gift shop and pick up a pair for $100. That's a lot of money, though, and something tells me every household has at least one Aunt Clara who's capable of creating a delightful (and adorable) bunny costume for a lot less money (and with a lot more heart). But where do you even start? Well, one person was asked to create the bunny costume for their brother-in-law's Christmas party, and luckily they've shared their creation -- along with step-by-step instructions -- so that you at home can also enjoy an endless amount of pink bunny humiliation all year long.

That's a picture of the finished costume above, and you can scope out all 14 steps over at
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