If you're still not sold on the subversive superhero movie Kick-Ass, even after hearing the "bananas" buzz out of this year's Butt-Numb-A-Thon, maybe a new trailer spotlighting the character Hit-Girl will entice you. You just might not want to admit that you got excited for a movie based on a spot focusing on a little girl who says the f-word and the c-word nonchalantly and shoots bad guys in the cheek and chops off their legs with even less of a thought.

Really, who is this trailer for? People who thought Natalie Portman wasn't young enough, foul-mouthed enough or violent enough in Leon (The Professional)? Guys who went to see Kill Bill Vol. 1 for the meteor hammer-wielding schoolgirl? Nostalgic audiences who will be too busy enjoying the Banana Splits theme song to realize what they're watching?

Okay, so it's all over-the-top enough to get the simple defense, "dude it's just a comic book movie." At least they didn't have the kid wearing a sex-selling outfit similar to most female superhero costumes, right? Well, like Kill Bill's Gogo, Hit Girl does wear a schoolgirl outfit in the movie, but that's not shown too much in this trailer.