A couple weeks ago, we had news of Marshall Allman (Prison Break) and Denis O'Hare (Milk, Garden State) joining the cast of HBO's True Blood, the sex and blood thirsty polar opposite of all things Twilight on the vampire spectrum of entertainment. Now it looks like we've got another name to add to the fold -- Lindsay Pulsipher of A&E's short-lived crime drama The Beast will be playing Crystal Norris.

For those who would rather be kept in the dark about Norris's involvement in the larger scope of things, we'll keep things vague. She shows up in the fourth installment (Dead to the World) of Charlaine Harris's The Southern Vampire Mysteries, the source material for the show. If you haven't read the books and really want to remain completely spoiler free, I would recommend keeping away from The Hollywood Reporter's casting reports for True Blood.

However likely certain upcoming additions to the show may be (i.e. POSSIBLE SPOILER: werewolves this season...END POSSIBLE SPOILER), some people prefer not to know, and THR gives away these sorts of things in their headlines. Just a heads up.

(via The Hollywood Reporter)
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