The initial storm of enthusiasm over Kick Ass has started to die down a little since its screening at BNAT 1138 a week or so ago (read our review here!) and now we can settle back into a comfortable position and wait for release and hope the hype wasn't just all noise. I don't think it is. I think the hype is appropriately earned. And this newly released red band (NSFW!) trailer only confirms this (you can watch it over at Empire or watch it embedded from IGN after the jump).

The trailer centers around the character of Hit Girl (Chloe Moretz), a 12-year-old assassin/superhero/killing machine with a sailor's mouth and a penchant for turning everyone who stands in her way into a corpse. Based on how Lionsgate has been marketing the film thus far, with a single poster for each of the four leads, I expect we'll be seeing more character-specific trailers come along in the near future for Nicolas Cage's Big Daddy, Christopher Mintz-Plasse's Red Mist and Aaron Johnson's Kick Ass.

As for this specific trailer, I really have no words. It's an orgy of stylized bloodletting that looks like it was shot with style and grace, and the opening sequence between Cage and Moretz drips with uber-dark comedy. This feels like a movie tailor-made for the geek community and how the average moviegoer will react remains a total mystery. All I know is that I'm ready for adolescent driven ultraviolence and since you're reading this, you probably are too.
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