Where on earth do you go after relaying the epic story of Shosanna Dreyfus and the Inglourious Basterds? According to Quentin Tarantino, you dial things back a bit. The verbose director recently talked with New York Magazine about the reception of Inglourious Basterds, and (yay!) where he's planning to go from here.

While he has 40 pages written for a prequel to Inglourious Basterds, Tarantino isn't looking to stay on that track right now. A big tease, he won't say what the next film is about, but he did reveal that it will be a "smaller, less epic" film in a "different genre entirely." The magazine writes: "He says he thinks he can finish it in a five- to six-month period of intensive writing." Smaller? Less epic? Does that mean we might get back to something more like Reservoir Dogs? While I loved Basterds, I have been yearning for a small scale film where it all rests on concise and irresistibly quotable dialogue. On another note -- it's been over 10 years since the filmmaker dialed things back ... so who knows what that will mean for a Tarantino film in the year 2010?

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