Any self-respecting vamp fetishist would slap on a little fake blood in two precise dots on their neck, ignoring the comments of the masses in their quest for immortality and vampiric allegiance. But not in the age of The Twilight Saga. With Stephenie Meyers' teen vamp romance, the toothed beings sparkle more than they draw blood, and their bite is as nice as cashmere. Literally.

Meekssandygirl over at Etsy has crocheted the lovely vamp bite necklace you can see over to the right. It's made of cashmere and silk, and takes all the horror out of a pair of fangs. As far as fan art goes, it's a pretty spot-on way to mimic the sentimentality of the books and films, and it will make a hell of a gift for the Twilight mom. I can't bring myself to say Twi-hards in general, because even in fiction, the thought of seeing a young girl with fake blood stains on her neck is creepy at best. Then again, the thought of a mom showing her fetish on her neck in the guise of Twilight fandom isn't the most pleasant thought either.

But why am I surprised? This is the same series that inspired this.

[via neatorama]
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