There's been a lot of noise from DC Comics and their parent company Warner Brothers ever since Marvel became their own studio and hit a box office home run with Iron Man. Let's separate rumor from reality and break down what's actually happening at the studio...

Definitely Happening

Green Lantern - Starts shooting in 2010 from director Martin Campbell (Casino Royale) with Ryan Reynolds as the cosmic ring-bearer Hal Jordan.

Jonah Hex - Josh Brolin stars as the title character in this horror/western from director Jimmy Heyward, set for wide release June 2010.

Lobo - This is slated to be Guy Ritchie's next film, hot off of Sherlock Holmes. The movie will be a PG-13 action-comedy, which has some of the more bloodthirsty Lobo purists in a tizzy.

Batman - While no formal announcement has been made about a new Batman sequel (allowing internet rumor mongering and fan speculation to run wild), this movie will happen, just as sure as there's a setting sun.
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