How about a Christmas tree made of electricity? Dr. Peter Terren, an aficionado of Nikola Tesla, likes to manipulate electricity to capture unusual images.

Popular Science has a photo gallery of some of his current creations, including the image above. Terren uses a Nikon D 300 camera and a technique he calls "electrickery" to create the images with Tesla coils with a fishing rod and sinker, and household power. That's right; according to Popular Science, this is home grown electrickery. These aren't photoshopped, but they do require filters and a long exposure. The results are clearly quite festive.

Terren, the 52 year old physician and father of three has been getting a lot of media attention. The Discovery Channel is so impressed with Terren's work, which includes a variation on Rodin's "The Thinker", that they're planning a segment on his Christmas trees.

You can also see more at his website, Tesla Down Under. There you can see he also likes blowing up stuff, too.
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