He couldn't have done it without his specially-trained slow-motion doves. The BBC is reporting that John Woo -- whose last US film was the appropriately titled Paycheck -- will be receiving the Lifetime Achievement Award at 2010's Venice Film Festival.

All kidding aside, it's hard to argue with the festival organizers: "The acknowledgment recognizes a filmmaker who in recent decades, with his revolutionary conception of staging and editing, has renewed action movies to the core, introducing an extreme stylisation close to visual art, both in Asia and in Hollywood."

Woo first gained international attention with the action films The Killer and Hard-Boiled, and translated that success to English audiences by directing a number of high-profile American studio films like Face/Off and Mission: Impossible 2. I like to believe that all of those movies starred the same doves. His impact on the action genre -- not just films, but video games as well -- can't be underestimated, and I'm betting the 62-year-old Woo has more up his sleeve for action fans in the coming years.