The message of It's Complicated seems to be that it sure is tough being a wealthy white person in Santa Barbara. Boy howdy! First there's your highly successful bakery that's pulling in money hand over fist. Then there are the complications of building an addition to your house (in which you live alone, and which needs no additions). And then, to top it all off, the architect you've hired expresses romantic interest in you at the same time that you're rekindling an affair with your ex-husband! Two perfectly good suitors fall into your lap simultaneously! Where will the nightmare end??

History teaches us that during the Great Depression, poor audiences flocked to movies about rich people, delighted to be whisked away to a glamorous world and escape their own dreary lives. But the current economic crisis isn't as bad as the one in the 1930s, and people have found numerous other forms of escapism since then, so I don't foresee It's Complicated appealing to anyone other than people who can relate to it. The rest of us might find it a little smug, a little precious.

Written and directed by Nancy Meyers (Something's Gotta Give, The Holiday), it stars Meryl Streep as Jane, a well-to-do restaurant owner in her fifties who has been happily divorced from her husband, Jake (Alec Baldwin), for 10 years. While visiting New York for their son's college graduation, Jane and Jake happen to stay at the same posh hotel, and happen to get drunk together in the bar, and happen to hit the sheets. You know, for old times' sake.