Must-see docu-comedy looks at yuletide spending frenzies.

Another holiday season is upon us, and of course with it comes those classic Christmas carols. This year, Reverend Billy (of the Church of Stop Shopping) would like us to add some new songs to our holiday rapture; Songs like "Pushback!" or "Shopocalypse," with lyrics like: "Homogenizing in this big box/ Defend what's left/ Save the small shops/ Chain stores give us migraines".

'What Would Jesus Buy?' is a docu-comedy that follows the mission of Reverend Billy and his disciples in their campaign against the corporate chains and retail outlets that they blame for the commercialization of Christmas.

Produced by Morgan Spurlock, 'What Would Jesus Buy?' is a comedic look at a "congregation" of thousands that is trying to put an end to America's extreme holiday mass consumerism. Watch 'What Would Jesus Buy', or snag it onto your own site with
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