While it seems unlikely that anyone will ever place Stephen King's 2009 short story collection Just After Sunset on the same lofty pedestal as his earlier classics Skeleton Crew and Night Shift, that doesn't mean that his latest didn't feature some very good stories (stories that reminded me of why I loved King in the first place). My favorite of the bunch was easily his Lovecraftian nightmare, N.

News broke yesterday that Marvel will be adapting N. as a four part miniseries beginning in March of 2010. You can check out the announcement over at King's Official Site.

If you've not read the story (you should...) here's what it's about:

N. "tell the story of something terrifying hidden in Ackerman's Field. A bizarre arrangement of eight stones keeps a nightmare contained, but when--in the eye of an unfortunate beholder--the eight stones become seven, the fabric of what we think is real begins to shred, and an unbearable doom seizes the mind."

Marc Guggenheim and Alex Maleev will handle the adaptation duties--which should be a good fit since they created a motion comic version of the same story that appeared for Marvel online.
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