Viral marketing is a tricky thing. In rare instances, you get something colossally successful, like the landmark web presence of the Blair Witch Project. Occasionally, things get even deeper with the introduction of an 'alternate reality game'. For those of you unfamiliar with the term, it's usually used as a marketing tool, taking something of a fractured narrative that is expressed through various media outlets (mostly the internet) and framing it around the real world. One of the more sprawling and popular ones is the Lost Experience. But for every success, I'm sure there are another 25 failures. I'd love to see some research on if they're at all effective about building buzz around a film, but it seems to me like it might be like trying to catch lightning in a bottle to create any kind of internet sensation.

The latest flick to throw it's hat into the virtual ring is Breck Eisner's the Crazies. If you closely watch the new trailer you'll see the required URL for the official site. Right by that, however, is another address, directing you to Ogden Marsh, Iowa's home on the web. What you see is pretty rote and convincingly unpolished. I skimmed the site and didn't find anything terribly enticing. You see your regular representatives of the town, a few minor details and announcements, but then there's something else - the specter of an industrial accident that will unleash the inner psychopath of the unsuspecting folks of Ogden Marsh - a link to

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