If you're an ex-World of Warcraft player like me, whenever someone mentions "the horde" you invariably think of Ogrimmar, cow people, and undead ghouls (which is why the horde is so much cooler than the alliance--yet I got stuck playing alliance for years. I digress...). However there's another horde on the horizon--a zombie horde that's set to overrun France in Yannick Dahan's newest flick, creatively titled...The Horde.

The boys over at Quiet Earth stumbled upon a full length trailer for the movie, which finds cops and gangsters trapped inside an abandoned building when zombie Armageddon breaks out. Naturally, they form an uneasy alliance and lot of zombie slaughter ensues.

I've been following this project since it first blipped onto the radar last year and it's been one of my more anticipated upcoming flicks. However, early reviews from the few festivals The Horde has played at have been overwhelmingly negative. I'm more shocked to hear this after watching the latest trailer, which makes the film look like a gory, action-packed good time. I'm holding off on making my own judgments until I've seen the finished movie, but until then, enjoy the cool (but entirely in French with no English subtitles) trailer after the break.
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