So, yeah, this is the third 2009 YouTube montage we're featuring on the site (here's the first and the second), but all of them have been fun to watch and all are totally worthy of a mention. That said, this will definitely be the last one we promote because it really is the ultimate year-end movie montage in that it features clips from 342 different movies -- a huge undertaking in my opinion. Now I'm not entirely positive if this video includes every single film that hit theaters in 2009, but it comes pretty damn close. Edited by Kees van Dijkhuizen, Cinema 2009 has a running time of about seven minutes and features an eclectic selection of tunes (from "Malabar Front" by If These Trees Could Talk to "Wake Up" by Arcade Fire).

From Kees' YouTube page: "1 Year, 342 Movies, 12 Months of Production, 7 Minutes. 2009 proved that innovation is rewarded, and for that reason, I've decided no film should be left behind. I've nearly tripled the amount of footage used in 2008: A Tribute To The Movies. The sequel to the reason most of you subscribed is here: enjoy, leave a comment and take a look at my other work!"

We've posted both Cinema 2009 and Kees' video from last year, 2008: A Tribute To The Movies, after the jump. Enjoy.