Bad Santa

It's Christmas Eve, and you're visiting your family. You've just finished wrapping gifts, or going to early church, or entertaining dozens of relatives. Or perhaps it's Christmas Day and you've just enjoyed an enormous dinner. What do you do next? Many of you film geeks are probably thinking that this is a great time to see what holiday movies are on TV, or whip out a new DVD for the whole family to watch.

You better watch out.

My little brother the film geek and I have had trouble for years with watching movies around the holiday on our parents' big TV in the middle of their living room. We flip through the channels, we find something interesting ... and then Something Bad Happens. You would not believe the problems that can crop up when you pick the wrong movie or TV show to watch at a relative's house during the holiday season.

This Cinematical Seven provides a handy guide of the types of movies you should avoid watching with your family during the holiday season. And at the end, I'll tell you what's left. Football is going to sound like a much better option when we're through.
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