Kevin Smith'sCop Out(formerly A Couple of Dicks) has its first trailer online at Apple -- and if you knew absolutely nothing about it, you might find it only mildly amusing. Don't get me wrong, it's funny! But other than a few scenes of wit and a few glimpses of guns, there's nothing that would suggest that it's throwback to the 1980s, or this generation's Road House. It's really cut to look like Generic Cop Comedy, heavy on the Tracy Morgan shenanigans, low on plot, and free of any Kevin Smith. Smith's name isn't even on the trailer, which I suppose isn't too surprising (I mean, Iron Man doesn't exactly slap JON FAVREAU on its trailers either), but it suggests the studio doesn't want to alienate those who associate Smith with dick jokes and controversy.

Still, there's glimpses of truly funny stuff here. I love the "I was in the moment!" scene, and Bruce Willis' creepy laugh at Seann William Scott's cries of "Police brutality!" proves he's right in his element. I've always loved Willis' comedic talent, so even if this really isn't the next Road House (and come on, maybe it won't be), I'd love to see him return to that John McClane charm. It feels like it's been forever since he really, really got to use it.

Watch the trailer on Apple (we'll get an embed one of these days), and come back to talk about it.