C.D. Payne's ginormous book Youth in Revolt has been boiled down to a movie, and not without significant changes. You can read Cinematical's Toronto Film Festival review, where Erik Davis explains what you get: a decent movie that should you in no way expect to be representative of the novel. Michael Cera said it would probably work better as a miniseries, and he's right ... considering the 499 page-length of the book. There was an abortive attempt to bring it to MTV back in 1998, and this movie might be the best (or only?) version we ever get.

Still, it's an entertaining movie, and shows us a side of Cera that we haven't seen before as a colored contact lens-wearing, cigarette smoking, clad in tight-slacks tough guy. We're hoping this will be the first step on a long road where he branches out beyond the awkward teenager roles he's been performing (and nailing each and every one, we might add). We spoke to both Michael Cera and Portia Doubleday recently about the differences between the film and the book, and you can read them all right after the break.
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