Forget that undeniably lovable -- but undeniably similar -- Michael Cera we saw in fan favorites like 'Superbad,''Juno' and 'Arrested Development.' We're about to see an entirely new Michael Cera in January's 'Youth in Revolt.'

In 'Youth in Revolt,' the quivery voiced, fresh-faced Cera makes pointed sexual references, wears blue eye contacts and sunglasses, and always smokes a cigarette. Of course, this is his character's fictional alter-ego, Francois Dillinger, a Frenchman in tight clothes and with a towering libido. (Cera also plays Nick Twisp, the typical lovestruck namby-mamby we know and love, who falls for Portia Doubleday and is committed to winning her over by showing his rebellious side.)
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