As one of the lucky few to see the unfinished print of Kick-Ass at Buttnumbathon, I have some reservations about Hit-Girl, the foul-mouthed, bloodthirsty, prepubescent assassin who stole every shot she was in (let alone entire scenes). With the red-band trailer out for Kick-Ass, this is a good time to discuss the character from a female perspective.

Without spoiling the film too much, Kick-Ass includes senseless killing, with Hit-Girl at the center of the scenes. She's also a little girl. My adult brain is a bit discomfited at how much I enjoyed that, while wondering how it will be received by impressionable young minds. Back when I was growing up, we had Nancy Drew, Wonder Woman, Princess Leia and Charlie's Angels. But most of them were fully grown. Not a lot of girls out there. So seeing a girl who is confident and strong also killing and swearing so much she'd make a sailor blush is a little disturbing.

Thankfully, during the Q&A, Director Matthew Vaughn mentioned the film has been slated for an R rating, which means the more impressionable minds won't be there (at least not without parents). Interestingly enough, Hit Girl was recast after the mother of the original actress had objections -- not to anything related to Hit Girl, but another scene.

Given that Kick-Ass is pure fantasy, my overgrown sensibilities are easily rationalized into submission. Because Hit Girl is the kind of character that will create fan girls. And she's a very well named character.

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