The sci-fi horror comic by Studio 407, Night and Fog, has been optioned for film by producers Gil Adler and Shane McCarthy. Brandon Noonan is attached to write the screenplay. Adler's in familiar territory having worked on other comic book adaptations before like Constantine, Superman Returns and Dead of Night.

"...Having produced the Tales from the Crypt series and some Dark Castle horror films, I can say horror's a genre I know intrinsically. But what really appealed to me wasn't so much the genre trappings, but rather the characters that really drive this story," Adler recently told the press.

He states that the characters are a great blend of "Gothic horror of the Hammer films with the sci-fi horror of Aliens and The Thing." Ok, you have my attention. From the press release:

Tied to an unsolved mystery from World War 2, Night and Fog tells the story of a "Frankenstein" like infectious mist unleashed on a military base that transforms its victims into preternatural creatures of the night. But when the survivors try to kill them, they adapt and change into something even more horrific and unstoppable. Caught in-between is a security officer on the base who must escape this gauntlet of horror to save his children before the creatures kill them or the fog infects them.

Night and Fog
is currently available in single issue format and digitally on iPhone through Comixology. It will be hitting stores in trade format April/May 2010. Click here for a nine page preview of the comic.
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