When our managing editor assigned me to list the Best Family Films of the Decade, I thought, "Woohoo! There's Ratatouille, Coraline, and --" then he added, "No animated films. We've got another list for those." I wilted. Do you know how hard it is to talk about films that are suitable for children but also fun for adults, and not include animation? I kept accidentally sneaking them on the list and then reminding myself that, no, Persepolis is in fact animated, and so is everything by Hayao Miyazaki. Gaaaaah.

But once I started looking at my video shelf, and the reviews I've written, ten great "family friendly" films from the 2000s weren't that difficult to find. I did have to determine what qualifies as "family friendly." Just because a movie is about a family doesn't mean it qualifies -- there went The Royal Tenenbaums and World's Greatest Dad. (Kidding. Sort of.) MPAA ratings didn't help much; I'm more willing to include a PG-13 movie where a mom and daughter talk seriously about sex than a PG-rated Disney film with decapitation and stabbing scenes, for example.

So you have to use your better judgment when deciding which films are appropriate for which kids. Some of the movies on this list are fine to watch with a family of any age; some are more suitable for older children. All of them are fun for anyone to watch; I didn't include movies that kids love but adults find annoying. These are all movies I personally like.