If this year's CGI disaster flick 2012 didn't get your apocalyptic juices flowing, then perhaps the bleak trailer for the post-apocalyptic indie 2084 has your number. I love when little indie films boast something a heck of a lot more interesting than their big budget counterparts. Fangoria debuted the trailer for the film on their website, which you can check out here after the jump.

The story picks up after a viral pandemic has hit that forces everyone to remain indoors, quarantined inside their apartments for decades. The drama unfolds over a tense, brutal five week period as people search for salvation and a way out. The film is written and directed by George Blumetti and Maurice Kelly who have worked together before on the sci-fi/horror based Portal and The Human Quality. 2084 stars Betsy Baker, Jaimi Paige, Matthew Alan, Grady Lee Richmond and Billy West.

Check out the film's website with has some nifty stuff to explore including 'Rules to Live By' as set forth by the Department of Virus Control (DVS), like 'By the law you must abide. Stay inside,' or 'Water is life. Use only as directed.' Oh those wacky government agencies who claim to have your best interests in mind.

Go forth to yonder jump for the trailer and also check out these production stills Fangoria has.
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