The official website for Adam Green's Frozen has busted onto the internet. There's not much to see here yet, but a few downloadable goodies and a brief synopsis of the film. Most of it is 'under construction', waiting for the eventual gallery, clips, etc, section to be filled up with all sorts of tidbits to entice and/or spoil the frostbitten fun that waits.

I'm in love with the idea of a movie with a single location of folks trapped, waiting for their demise. Cujo pulled it off quite well and to a lesser extent, Open Water. That seems to be the kneejerk reaction - that this is Open Water, but in the snow. After largely positive feedback from the crowd at Harry Knowles' all night movie marathon, BNAT, I think we can expect much more than that. There were rumors of folks fainting during some of the more excruciating moments during the film. We'll see about that. What I can say with certainty is that Adam Green has cred. No lie, the guy is dyed-in-the-wool, grade A horror fan. He is indeed one of us. Say what you will about Hatchet, or the tonally opposite flick, Spiral, Frozen seems to be taking things in yet another completely different direction.

Click past the jump to read more about the flick and watch the official trailer:
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