Talking about remakes is tough. On the one hand, as a film lover the ideal scenario is that remakes should be an endangered species; that filmmakers will spend their time and money investing in new ideas instead of rehashing other people's dreams. On the other hand, some film's are worth remaking because, A) the original didn't fulfill its potential in the first place, or B) the story is strong enough to tell over and over.

When it comes down to talking about the quality of a remake, things get even tougher. Take this Best Remakes of the Decade list, for example. Just because a film finds itself on said list doesn't mean it is inherently better than the original film, just that I think it's a fine film in its own right that happens to have the label "remake" attached to it. In compiling this Top 10 - which is numbered, but not ranked in any kind of order - I came to realize that whether or not a remake is better than the original film, the element that almost always divides a Best from a Worst is the cast. Again and again I found myself wanting to type the words "great cast" without realizing that was the make-or-break quality for most of the titles below.

But before we get to the Top 10, I'd like to tip my hat to a handful of contenders that didn't make it to varsity: The Ring, Zatoichi, The Hills Have Eyes, The Last House on the Left, The Italian Job, War of the Worlds, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans, Nine, The Ladykillers, and Bedazzled.