When I was invited to see 'The Young Victoria', I wasn't in the mood to sit through yet another grand British period piece. However, since I live in Los Angeles, I realized that this would be the only opportunity I would have to celebrate Victoria Day, since 'they' don't do that down here. After seeing the gorgeously shot film, mostly based upon the early life of Queen Victoria, I highly recommend it. It's neither stuffy nor dry. It's delightful and vibrant.

Our own French-Canadian director, Jean-Marc Vallee ('C.R.A.Z.Y.'), directed the film, which was written by Academy Award winning writer Julian Fellowes ('Gosford Park'). Sarah Ferguson, with her access to historical royal documents, initially pitched the Victorian film idea to Academy Award-winning producer Graham King (fitting last name) who, at the time, was working on 'The Departed'. With the encouragement of director Martin Scorsese, King decided to pursue the project about the queen.