(Spoilers herein.)

So I saw Sherlock Holmes with my family over the holidays, and since a good $65 million of you did as well, I don't feel that it's too soon to jump into this discussion...

When Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr.) meets with Sir Thomas (James Fox), he swiftly deduces that he must be the father of our villain, Lord Blackwood (Mark Strong). Thomas is quick to explain that their magic-worshiping order does not condone Blackwood's nefarious deeds, and he also explains that Blackwood had killed before the five attempted (four successful) murders that kick the film off.

Later on, our hero is finally widening his gaze with regards to Blackwood's endgame, and we can see that each of the five women were killed, or would have been, the five points of a star configuration. Combine that development with the late 19th-century London setting, and I got to thinking about what little I knew about Jack the Ripper (you know, since seeing From Hell eight years ago).

I've run the following theory by two friends, and since both of them were more intrigued by the notion than disappointed that I had gone over-thinking things again, I now submit it to your judgment:

Do you think that Lord Blackwood could've been Jack the Ripper?

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