Check out the final poster for Starway Pictures' The Blackout, by first time director Robert David Sanders. The previous poster totally ripped off the Feast franchise, but Starway finally came up with something different. But now the creature is no surprise.

"When an apartment building's lights go out mysteriously, all of the tenants put aside their problems and band together to get to the bottom of the city-wide blackout. Deep in the basement of the high-rise, a hideous breed of monster hatches and begins to wreak havoc. Everyone must find a way to kill the blood-thirsty creatures and survive the darkness before it destroys the world."

Where was this apartment monster when I needed to get out of a few recent lame holiday parties? You can check out the trailer for the film after the jump. I'm not so sure about this one--the melodramatic music in the trailer plus the horribly acted TV news dude didn't aid the cause. Perhaps the monster will kick all sorts of booty. The film made its world premiere at The Landmark Theater in L.A. last year and according to the film blog it was a hit. We'll see about that.
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