By now you're surely sick of high-quality films. You're fed up with James Cameron and Squeakquels and year-end Oscar push movies. By this point you're itching for January, a movie month that only a true genre geek could enjoy. Or someone who loves the geeky risk of maybe seeing a really rotten flick. Yes, January offers that much and more!

Week 1

Daybreakers (Lionsgate) -- A nifty horror sci-fi mash-up that played Toronto and Fantastic Fest and played 'em well.
Leap Year (Universal) -- Amy Adams and Matthew Goode in a romantic comedy about romance. I'll rent it one day because Amy Adams is cute 'n' sexy.
Youth in Revolt (Weinstein) -- The Weinsteins still release films? Yes, but only ones that have been sitting on their shelf for over a year. In this one, an uncomfortable Michael Cera tries to woo a girl. (Oh, you've seen it already?)

Week 2

The Book of Eli (WB) -- Denzel Washington in an R-rated futuristic action flick. Yes, please.
The Spy Next Door (Lionsgate) -- Jackie Chan. Bily Ray Cyrus. George Lopez. Enough said.

Week 3

Extraordinary Measures (CBS Films) -- Anyone order the medical drama with Harrison Ford and Brendan Fraser? Well, here it is.
Legion (Sony) -- Dennis Quaid in a post-apocalyptic action/horror about ... a baby in a diner? Yeah, I'm down.
The Tooth Fairy (Fox) -- Dwayne Johnson in a tutu. You've been warned. By the trailer.

Week 4

Edge of Darkness (WB) -- A veteran cop wants answers (and revenge!) when his daughter is murdered. This time starring Mel Gibson.
When in Rome (Disney) -- Another romantic comedy. This one with Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel ... two actors I kinda like. Uh-oh.

And that's it! That's January! I do hope you've saved some of those "Oscar push" movies. (And February isn't much better!)
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