Just a couple short months ago, 3D was controversial -- a dazzling cinema mainstay to some, a distracting gimmick to others. Since then, it seems that James Cameron has made the world a convert. Avatar didn't really have any of the problems that drew complaints from the format's detractors: the picture wasn't dim, the effects weren't ostentatious; not only did the 3D not draw me out of the story, but I soon forgot that I was wearing the glasses. At the very least, the prevalence of 3D releases seems unlikely to be a "fad," or at least a short-lived one.

The next logical question would seem to be whether 3D will remain confined to the realm of benign spectacle. The world may be on the verge of accepting that 3D can be a legitimate tool to spruce up family flicks and action blockbusters -- like other kinds of fancy special effects, it can effectively give them an extra "wow." (Certainly the wow was what Cameron was after.) But is 3D good for anything else? What did Avatar prove, exactly?
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