Inspired by one of Avatar's main characters, earlier last week io9 did a piece on characters in books, comics, television and movies that lost the use of their legs only to later regain them. Surprisingly, among the 20 characters listed, there are two glaring admissions; Steve Austin and Jamie Somers, the Six Million Dollar Man and the Bionic Woman (1976 or 2007).

It's a curious oversight, yes, but they get some rather obscure ones, including a character from an old Dr. Who (Dortmun, from the "Dalek Invasion Of Earth" episodes). Not a new millennium Dr. Who, we're talking second season, black and white, lucky there are any clips left because the BBC used to tape over episodes old. They've even referenced a 1998 X-Files episode. I have to commend them for finding 20 characters who's mobility was restored without resorting to the two most obvious.

The article, clearly a conversation starter, has quite a few comments mentioning more mobility restored characters. The io9 writer acknowledges it's just a start, and that they didn't even include the Poul Anderson book Avatar closely mirrors.

Check it out, and brush up on your trivia.

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