Remember Forks? That little Washington town that Stephenie Meyer chose to set her Twilight Saga in? As the craze continues, the area's vampire population continues to increase with stores relishing in everything Bella and Edward, and themed restaurants getting into the groove. And now, unsurprisingly, there's going to be a reality series.

But wait -- it's not going to be a fang-fest full of teeny boppers going overboard about their favorite Forks couple. According to WENN, producer Zig Gauthier is cooking up a series based on the real folks of Forks. The producer says: "Obviously we won't be out on the ocean or dealing with that kind of danger, but the idea is to show what life here is really like. There are a variety of ways we could do this, but of course this is at the very beginning stages." Nothing supernatural will be in this mix: "We want people who have a true connection to the community. We want to avoid people with outlandish claims."

No vamps, ghosts, or otherworldlies ... how vanilla. Setting this in Forks, you're zeroing in on a very specific Meyer-centric audience hungry for the supernatural, and can it really tell what life is "really like" (as much as "reality TV" can) when the town continues to change in this new, Twilight Saga world? Not to mention the challenge in finding an audience. The Meyer-phobic won't go near the series at all, while the die-hard fans will probably mourn a Forks without Bella and Edward.

What say you, Twilight fans? Are you interested in the "real" Forks?
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