Those unholy mongrels over at Dread Central brought an interesting little experiment to my attention earlier. Straight out of the wilds of Uruguay comes La Casa Muda (The Silent House). South American origins aside, the big hook for this one is the technique they used to capture the nastiness. It was shot entirely with a professional photo camera that also happened to be filmed in one single 72-minute sequence shot.

I'm trying to wrap my mind around that. How does that work exactly? Will it be a regular 24 fps? Or a series of still frames for 72 minutes? I tried to suss out some more details on the official site and fortunately, I'm pretty fluent in Uruguayan:

En la década de los 40 dos hombres fueron encontrados en una desolada casa de campo. Estaban muertos y mutilados. Inquietantes fotografías se encontraron en la escena de crímen. La investigación de la época no arrojó resultados, quedando inconcluso y perdido en la memoria colectiva del pobaldo Godoy. La Casa Muda está inspirada en este episodio, tratando de cerrar y contestar las preguntas del doble homicidio.

For you uneducated dolts who have never mastered the intricacies of the Uruguayan tongue, allow me to translate:

In 1942 a bunch of guys spontaneously combusted in an abandoned campground. A dude named Esteban mutilated them. Something. Something. Dirty pictures. The investigation took over 1000 years. Something. Something. A recipe for poblano chicken. It also involved a contest to see who could get pregnant before being murdered.

Okay . . . so that's a very rough translation and kind of contradicts what Dread Central explains after the jump:
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