When I read the early reviews of Kathryn Bigelow's'The Hurt Locker' last June, I came to the hasty conclusion that it was another case of critic/cheerleaders rallying around one of their favorite directors. They'd been hailing her skills as a stylist and for her ability to transcend gender -- her movies have a muscular vibe that has made her the anti-Nora Ephron -- since her thriller 'Blue Steel'in 1989.

I liked that movie, too, but Bigelow's next film, 'Point Break,' soured me on her for me for a decade. That 1991 movie was a maddeningly stupid action film that prompted me to ask in the lead paragraph of my review whether it was too early to declare it the year's Worst Movie. However, a majority of critics praised it, even while some declared it 'a guilty pleasure,' and to this day, it is her most successful movie. Not that successful: it grossed just $43.2 million.
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