This past weekend there's been a bunch of talk regarding an Avatar sequel, and what such a film would be about. James Cameron has made it known from the start that he's envisioned an Avatar trilogy and even knows where the story will go (though I do not believe scripts are written at this point). Speaking to the LA Times Hero Complex blog, Cameron alluded to the possibility of exploring other planets (or moons) in the next film, though that's about all we know right now. Just how long it would take to create a new film is another story, however a lot of the groundwork has already been set and assuming work begins soon, we could see an Avatar 2 within 3-4 years or sooner (we hope).

And speaking of hotly anticipated sequels that aren't already part of an existing franchise (after all, Avatar isn't a franchise yet), polled 32,000 moviegoers and asked them which non-franchise sequel they'd most like to see. Needless to say, the top five films on the list will definitely cause some eyes to roll, and even call into question the definition of an existing franchise. Coming in at the top isThe Hangover, which is already working on its sequel (reportedly set in Thailand), followed not-so-closely behind by District 9, G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra, Watchmen and .... um, Paul Blart: Mall Cop. Yup. People actually want to see a sequel to Paul Blart, either because they liked the first film or because Kevin James actually voted a few thousand times himself.

Avatar 2 is nowhere to be found, and I imagine we only have to take 2009 films into consideration. What, no The Blind Side 2: Things Get Blinder? So, assuming we can only work with 2009, which non-franchise sequel do you want to see most?
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