Cult horror veteran BIll Moseley will be starring in Rogue River by debut director Jourdan McClure. Earlier this month Dread Central first posted about the film which is being penned by Kevin Haskin (Sensored), who is also producing along with Prowl's Adam Targum and actor Zachery Bryan. The film is being slated for a late 2010 release.

Mara (Michelle Page) has come to Oregon to scatter her father's ashes but has a chance meeting a seemingly good-natured man named Jon (Bill Moseley). Her encounter goes terribly wrong and she soon finds herself at his mercy.

The film recently wrapped production in southern Oregon and according to there were weather obstacles that made things difficult, but added to the story's atmosphere. McClure even described the end result as "even more disturbing than what was on the page." Moseley has been enthusiastic about the film from the start and revealed that "It's so unlike a lot of the movies I have done." That's a positive sign coming from an actor whose filmography is no joke. This will be the first film that Moseley has appeared in with his girlfriend, Lucinda Jenney, who plays the lead "evil" female character. "It was very comfortable," Moseley said, adding that it saved time and effort in developing chemistry.

The film's official site isn't up and running just yet but you can get Facebook friendly with Rogue River over here.

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