We've arrived at the very end of 2009, which means it's finally time to unveil our hotly-anticipated 25 Hottest and Lamest lists of 2009. Tonight we're kicking things off with our 25 Hottest of 2009 list, which includes a number of movie-related events (films, actors, actresses, trends, scenes) that we all thought were the hands-down hottest things to happen in Hollywood over the past 12 months. Joining us from the Cinematical staff for this year's lists are Eric D. Snider, William Goss, Monika Bartyzel, Dawn Taylor, Elisabeth Rappe, Jen Yamato and Peter Hall. We'll be back tomorrow night with our list of the 25 Lamest of 2009. Enjoy!

25. Up's tear-jerking silent vignette
With each new film, Pixar finds some way to top itself. The marvelous innovation in Up was the wordless sequence near the beginning, set to Michael Giacchino's wistful score, depicting Carl and Ellie's entire life together -- including the sad fact that they can't have children. Who else would dare to try that? And who but Pixar could pull it off so gracefully? -- ES

24. Chris Klein in Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li (so lame it's hot)
February is traditionally a dumping ground for Hollywood duds, and when watching Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li, it's hard to disagree. But then who rises out of the ashes of clunky dialogue and limp fight scenes but Chris Klein, strutting his way into both the movie and my heart with an equal amount of swagger. That greasy hair! That false bravado! Those squinty eyes! The way he screams "Nash out!" into any nearby communication device! Don't let the release date fool you; within this crappy video game movie hides one brilliant audition reel for any coming Zoolander sequel -- WG
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