We've all made it through another holiday, and as the dust settles on Christmas 2009, you've probably watched more than your fair share of holiday movies -- lord knows I have. Now when it comes to Christmas, there is no shortage of flicks extolling the virtues of family and good will towards men, but New Years is a different story. I guess this is because New Year's Eve tends to revolve a little more around an epic hangover to come, rather than lofty ideals like peace on earth. I happen to have a little New Year's movie tradition that might seem odd, but every year I make sure I watch Ridley Scott's, Blade Runner -- which might seem like a strange choice, but trust me, there is a method to my madness.

Growing up, I always remember when my local TV station would air the classic sci-fi flick at the stroke of midnight on New Year's Eve. Now whether this was just some programmer's in-joke to air a film about a dystopian future on New Year's Eve, I will never know, but it did create a tradition of sorts in the Barnes' household, and Blade Runner soon became required viewing each and every New Year's Eve. Of course, nothing ever lasts forever and awhile back that local station abandoned Blade Runner as their midnight selection (I think it was Terminator 2 last year) -- but not in my house, because no matter what, I make sure to spend each new year with Deckard and the gang.

But now I'll turn it over to you, sound off in the comments and tell me your New Year's film favorites...
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