When aliens attack Los Angeles, who do you count on to save your butt from total annihilation? James McAvoy? Colin Farrel? The Jonas Brothers? No. What you need is a real man. A man with the wit, the courage and the balls to say "Enough!" to evil extraterrestrial invaders before blowing them away with a machine gun that you are too weak and puny to even hold. You need Aaron Eckhart, a man whose icy stare can move mountains and whose chin can strike down the mighty Thor.

If Battle: Los Angeles can overcome that ludicrous title and deliver satisfying Eckhart-on-ET violence, I'll be satisfied. io9 has the above-picture in an even larger format, so feel free to embiggen for a secret make-out session. You can also print it out and put it in your window to ward off burglars.

io9 also has a quote from co-star Lucas Till, who describes the film as "Independence Day meets Black Hawk Down." This immediately conjures images both delightful (the United States military in an intense urban ground war with a technologically superior force) and miserable (cheesy slow motion sacrifices and people saying "Whoo!" as things explode around them).

Battle: Los Angeles is still a long way off, so it's impossible to even make a guess as to quality or plot, although Jonathan Liebsman behind the lens leads me to suspect a lot of shaky close-ups and a great deal of incoherence. We can make one surefire guess, though: Eckhart will be blowin' up aliens real good come February 18th, 2011.
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