While it seems like just a blink since we rang in the last New Year, 2009 is almost over. It was a speedy blur of 365 days, but it was also a year that boasted some pretty great moments for women in cinema.

I played with the idea of doing a Best Of for 2009 -- relishing in all of Hollywood's great moments for the female set -- but I tend to shy away from "Best." It's too subjective, too easy to forget something notable, and too hard to be definitive unless you rarely sleep and spend every waking moment watching all of the year's movies and reading film news.

Next, I flirted with the idea of sharing a handful of my favorite moments/aspects of 2009, but every bullet point I wrote would get edited and changed for another, and it kept evolving over and over again until I realized that trying to boil this year down to a slight list is an utter impossibility.

There's just too much to talk about, and too much that overlaps for anything but some stream-of-consciousness prose mixed with year-end love.